Monthly Archive April 20, 2021


Communication Software For Free International Calls

For the past years since I have been working online, I have been looking for a way/technology that can help me through my work. Some of the best tools that I have been using in aiding my work as an online service provider have been found through researching the World Wide Web by inquiring, researching and some good luck. Like in the case of editing photos, it is through researching and asking from other people through a forum on what is the best software for that. Because of that I came to know about Adobe Photoshop. New discoveries are really a big help and a boost to my profile as this will help me in the future. It can supplement my knowledge whenever I am approach with a problem involving that kind of things. Almost the entire known fields that are related to me have an equivalent solution or tools that I know in mind except in the case of communication. There are softwares that I have been using regarding communication but I am not contented on with respect to the services that they have given me. Though it is free still they have limited scope with respect to the qualifications that I am looking for regarding communication material/software.

What I am Looking for a Communication Tools I feel that communication tools must be very versatile when it comes to calling a client, a kind of tools that can reach your contact even if they are not online. As a man who finds a living online, I believe that the best way to achieve the goals of a certain project and to have a better feedback on your career as an online freelancers started with the best communication. I have learned that in my project management course that the critical component in the success of a project is to hire the right manager. The right manager in turn must have the best line of communication between the employer and him. Projects have sometimes encountered changes along the course which in effect hinders the process. A lapse in the communication means delays which can be costly on the progress of the project and the owner. Communication must not be compromise to be specific. I follow that principle and I believe that in order for me to be efficient I should have the best communication tools available. Callbux and its offer Through constant researching and asking for the best communication tools available in the market, I have come across with this app called CAllbux. I never believe at first on the offer it listed on its website that it offers free international calls and cheap phone calls with their international rates. Amidst all this, I tried the apps and it did produce positive results with which I am very satisfied. I guess there are no other similar apps that offer these kinds of services but if there is I would no longer go for it as I am already satisfied with the apps services.

What is Callbux? To give you an overview, callbux network is a free phone calling service that offers a very cheap international rates and free phone call worldwide. Callbux can be used through Iphone App, Android App, Windows Mobile App, Blackberry, Symbian, Pc Dialers, Mac dialers and with Facebook app. As what I have experienced callbux offers the cheapest international call rate which is about 35 percent cheaper that the other calling rates. What I like in this product is that they have given you two options which are customer friendly like the cheap rates which all you have to do is to load your accounts with funds and then avail their rates. The second thing is the free international calls they offered when you signed up in their Facebook apps. Once you register for it they will instantly give you free calling credits and you can increase it by referring friends to signed up. The more referral the more your credit will grow. See for yourself here: free international calls