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Fangz HD New Horror Game For Android

Prepare to face unidentified creature you never encounter before out of the world you never know either. With various handy tool, you'll need to get rid of this monster on your journey to get something you didn't know either. Seem funny? Indeed, this fresh android game from developer Whizzez is a new horror game with the hilarious element in it. Although this game is a horror game generally, you will giggle from a lot of interesting things from the game such as the mimic from the character and monster, the sound effect, and more. Yes this game is a horror game that pretty fun to try out. In this recent game available for Android, you carry out by being an regular man from the office that carry a gun and deal with a bunch of monster. For the graphic, this game provides some smooth and cool 2D graphic with hilarious animation. You will find plenty of funny scene where you eliminate the creature plus so many bloods spread on the road making it even funnier. The graphic is good, the character model shown with cartoon style making it funny, the movement is smooth, and also the level is nicely designed.

At first, you will be given a short tutorial to learn the gameplay and feature. You'll learn the control, movement, and enemy fight. Your quest is to clean the road from the vampire that aim to suck blood from the area. With only a few available weapons for you, you need to get rid this bloody vampire with gun, baseball bat, grenade, and plenty of other equipment. Sound easy but you have to move quickly since this horde of vampire heading to you rapidly and getting tougher and tougher during this process. Another interesting thing from the game is the vampire that you will face off is the neighbors that getting bitten, and that means you will take care of housewife vampire, lawyer, cop, and several people who heading to you.

The facial skin on the enemy is funny, it'll make you laugh when you watch them trying to sucks your blood and grab you. You'll find 10 level for you within the campaign mode each with hilarious boss along with the horde. To complete every level you must complete it with a time limit to defeat. Nevertheless this makes the whole game tougher and fun to play. Sad to say this game have a quite big size and that is 683 MB to download and install. You are able to get this game on Google Store for $2.24.


YouTube iPhone App Launch

As we delve into iPhone, the great of all time mobile hand set has been a dream for app development. Since its launch in 2007 few years back, it has been wonderful not just for general users, but also for a number of mobile app development work. Now, You Tube has also released of this Apple' one of the finest products, iPhone raised bar for quality app writing & today most of the other platforms like Android, Blackberry etc are leaving no unturned to match up the quality of this amazing and champion mobile phone.Now, if we look at the bustling market of application development, there are immense opportunities across US for iPhone app writers. By the advent of iPad, Macs etc, relevance of app store has become more and more fabulous. Coming back to You Tube's iPhone app, it is reportedly one of the built-in app which is present on iPad as well as iPhone. The new format debuted Tuesday with the release of a new YouTube application that will introduce more advertising and more videos on Apple's trend-setting devices. The updated iOS also is dumping Google's digital maps as its go-to source for directions.

Every year, demand of native applications is breaking records & business services have become more inclined towards customization of mobile services - suiting their business ambitions. This easy compatibility with commercial aspirations have proved to become a reality only by the easy presence of iPhone SDK from the store. This Software development kit is the platform which paves way for some of the finest apps development scope for today's market. With You Tube as the major host of iPhone, things are going to be more happening now.With You Tube going application way, new YouTube app will create more moneymaking opportunities for Google and video producers because it allows advertising to be shown with the clips. That's something Apple hasn't allowed on the pre-installed YouTube app. The ban on ads prevented many music videos and other widely watched clips from being shown in the iOS app because some copyright owners don't allow their content to be shown if there is no way for them to be paid.

Opportunities are galore with iPhone offering software development kits for creating innovative apps and more over the apps store help them out with popularizing these apps developed by these programmers all over the world. As a matter of fact, this flexibility and availability had really made the iPhone market to grow in many times greater. As a result, we can see the immaculate quality that is offered by the iPhone utility. The quality is palpable when we utilize the visual quality, voice quality, user interface, and its touch screen features. Well, if being a software engineer itself demands a lot from you, & iPhone app developers NYC USA get you to a newer plane where you can experiment with the technology that is the need of the hour and demanded by millions of smart phone lover all across the world!


Top iPhone Apps that will Save Your Life

Life is not easy. It is surely not justified for anyone at any point in time. However, if you have a strategy and if you think over stuff before doing, you can predict the twists and the curve balls life throws at you. This is not wrong at all. You just need to adapt to the rules of life, live your life and let others live. While you look for criteria to help you out in your life, this is regarded as the best time to do that.

The era of technology has led all of us to something much more intriguing. You can find a cure for any problem and a solution for any kind of ambiguity. This is something to do with the ease of life that we can get from technology. Even in cellular devices, you can find many apps that will make life easy for you. Apps The iPhone 4 and 5 both are the devices most sold by Apple in the cellular devices category. You can find many apps that can save your life and you can download them easily from iTunes and other third party stores for your iPhone. Some of them are as follows: